Datum/Zeit - Date/Time
Date(s) - 11/06/2023 - 16/06/2023

Veranstaltungsort / Location
Strand Hotel Fevik - by Classic Norway Hotels


Sunday 11th of June till Friday 16th of June 2023.

Sunday 11th of June:

Meetingpoint is Strand Hotel Fevik on the south coast of Norway. Organisation team welcomes all participants, and dinner will be served in the evening. The day is for social activities and to get to know all the participants.

Monday 12th of June:

Leaving the hotel in the morning, probably lunch in Risør (or nereby), and then to next hotel, Straand Hotel in Vrådal. Todays trip is around 200 km.

Tuesday 13th of June.

Leaving Vrådal, heading for mountains. Lunch at Haukeliseter in the mountains, and next hotel is Hotel Vøringfoss in Eidfjord. This day is around 270 km, and is the longest in one day on the trip. We will drive the old roads and not through the tunnels when possible.

Wednesday 14th of June.

We have arrived in Hardanger, and the next days will be in the Hardanger area. Leaving Eidfjord in the morning, heading for the mountain and some spectacular waterfalls and viewpoints. Lunch at Dyranut Fjellstue in the mountain. Driving down again to the fjord and crossing Hardanger bridge before heading to Voss and Fleischer Hotel. Today we will drive around 150 km.

Thursday 15th of June

We leave Fleischers at Voss and drive back to Hardangerfjorden. We will follow the fjord till Norheimsund where we will stay at Sandven Hotel. We will try to drive on old roads where it is possible. The old road was the main road between the two biggest cities in Norway. A stop at Steinsdalsfossen where you can walk in under the waterfall. A short day of only 80 km, so we have time to be social on the last evening on this trip.

Friday 16th of June.

Official part of the tour ends in Norheimsund, but we will drive together to Bergen for those who wants that. Bergen is the prettiest town in the world (my opinion😊 ) and I recommend everybody to stay a night or two here. This is a distance of around 80 km.

General info.

The tour goes from the southern coast of Norway, crossing mountains, driving by Hardangerfjorden to the beautiful town of Bergen.

In total we will drive around 750 km. Day 2 will be the longest with 270 km. All the hotels we will visit are classic Norwegian hotels with beautiful location.

Price pr night will be around NOK 2.500,-(233,-€) pr night for 2 persons including breakfast and dinner. Total will be around 12.500,- (1166,-€)for 2 persons in doubleroom including dinner and breakfast for 5 nights.  For a singleroom the price will be around 8.700,-(811,-€). Lunch is not includes. Sign on fee of NOK 500,-(47,-€) will come as extra.

Payment has to be made within the dates below.:

15 september 2022:       Sign on fee of NOK 500,-(47,-€) to guarantee place on the tour.

15 january 2023:               Part 1 of the cost, around NOK 6.000,-(560,-€)/singleroom NOK 4.000,-(373,-€).

15 april 2023:                     Part 2 of the cost, around NOK 6.500,-(606,-€)/singleroom NOK 4.700,-(438,-€).

We estimate cost, because we might change from buffet to menue. Hopefully the cost will be a little bit less then estimated. Information about bankaccount and other information needed for payment will be informed about in good time before payment date.

This tour is set up with the hope that the world is back to normal again, and there are reservations about changes and cancellations due to covid19/Corona. Everybody must take their precautions in relation to limiting infections and we will follow orders from the authorities regarding infection rules on this tour.

We have to set a limit of 50 cars on this tour.
Hope to see many of you on this tour.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Organisation team;
Trygve Barla
Reidar Lerdal
Jarle Nordås                      mail:



Aktuell sind 55 Plätze reserviert. 0 Plätze sind noch verfügbar. / Currently 55 seats are reserved. 0 Seats are still available.

Hier könnt Ihr euer Ticket buchen. / Here you can book your ticket.

Die Veranstaltung ist ausgebucht / The event is fully booked

Teilnehmer mit bereits bestätigten Buchungen sind / Participants with already confirmed bookings are:

  • Anne Kristin og Jarle Nordås
  • Dorothea u Jörg Elswyk
  • Tone Bergersen og Trygve Barlag
  • Sonja og Reidar Lerdal
  • Birgit Firsbach u Reiner Jobski
  • Thomas Dahlberg
  • Wil en Jan Stieber
  • Ellen u Armin Jobski Haas
  • Marco & Andrea Lahmann
  • Edith N. en Patrick Lipplaa
  • Peter Wachters
  • Heiner & Lissy
  • Carla K en Charles Webster
  • Tone og Terje Buch
  • Mark und Bianca E.
  • Endrina Smit & Marck van Haren
  • Frank & Andrea K.
  • Eddy Heijmen
  • Alex Bosse
  • Michael & Philomena K.
  • Gaby + Marc Keimes
  • Gabi u Daniel Roloff
  • Hani Jouhar
  • Jean Luc Knobloch
  • Christine Gerling & Bastian Poser
  • Henk Blewanus/Ria Hendriks
  • Rebecca Ingram & Andrew Logan
  • Dr Wiesenhütter
  • Martine Verboven
  • Ramona u John Roggenbuck
  • Elena Hornseth og John Erik Sjørbotten
  • Sirtori Paolo
  • Kai Andre Olsen
  • Mona Ommundsen
  • J. und S. Albert
  • Höpken, Jochen
  • A. und W. Orfanelli
  • Maurizio Sicco
  • Richard de Jong
  • Denise & Andreas Janzen
  • Ton Boonen
  • Susan Law
  • Dahlke, Dietmar u. Ilona
  • Tove og John E.Hansen
  • Birgit Zobel u. Uwe Brentrup
  • Carmen & Thomas Schwarz
  • Kyoko & Masami Nakamoto
  • Laura Mineikaite & Giedrius Kavaliauskas
  • Panagiotis Boudaniotis
  • Jenny und Martin Garrad
  • Denise und Colin Metcalfe
  • Monique Robout u. Michiel Hofman

Teilnehmer mit reservierten Buchungen sind / Participants with reserved bookings are:

  • Magdalena og Mårten Björs
  • Elea Knobloch
  • Björn H.F og Bergljot N.

10 Antworten auf „BARCHETTA TOUR OF NORWAY 2023“

  1. Hallo wij verheugen ons er op om volgend jaar weer mee te gaan. maar een vraag zouden jullie de naam van Wilma willen wijzigen in Wil.

    met vriendelijke groet

    Jan en Wil Stieber.

    1. Hi Jan, we have no special conditions for an extra night in Fevik. Please book on your own. Jarle also recommended Tyholmen Hotel in Arendal what is a very nice village less than 10 km from Fevik.
      Groetjes Jörg

  2. Hallo,
    ist es möglich
    Nicole Düe und
    Thomas Hinnenthal
    auf eine Warteliste zu setzen?
    Falls noch Mitfahrer bis 2023 abspringen,
    würden wir gerne nachrücken und mitfahren.

    Viele Grüße
    Nicole Düe

    1. Hallo Nicole,
      aktuell sind 3 barchetta Teams auf der Warteliste für die Tour of Norway 2023.
      Ich werde Euch auf Platz 4 in die Warteliste aufnehmen.
      Sollten genügend Leute 2023 abspringen komme ich wieder auf Euch zu.
      Grüße Jörg

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